theWanderer (ivythewanderer) wrote in faroe_islands,

Planning a holiday

I've recently joined this community, mostly because I'm right about planning a trip to the Faroe islands and would therefore love to get some infos from people who have already been there and/or locals. (Actually, getting in touch with some locals would be very interesting, if anyone here fancies to add me! ;o) ).

So, I'm most likely going to travel to the Faroe islands for two weeks in August and I believe that's going to give me enough time to visit all the islands, even having to rely on public transportation. I have already done quite some research, got brochures I do have some ideas about what to do and see while there...But I'd really love to hear from other travellers who were there before: what are some things that you think I should not miss? And locals: any useful informations you'd like to share with me?

(As a reference, I'm very familiar with all Scandinavian countries, having lived in Sweden, and  do speak those languages so I am hoping to be able to at elast read & understand a little of far oeriska...)

Thanks a lot in advance!
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