Creeping Over the Pond (iluq) wrote in faroe_islands,
Creeping Over the Pond

Quality of flight between Reykjavik and the Faroes

I've heard that the flight between Reykjavik and the Faroe Islands is rough. Is this true? What about in November?

Just curious because I really want to visit but am prone to flight anxiety even on the smoothest flights; however, if I were prepared I'm sure I could handle it.
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I'm not sure how much my comment can be of help, but maybe it's going to be at least a start! ;)

I flew Copenhagen-Faroes-Copenhagen last month (with Atlantic Airways) and I had also been warded about the possibility to have a pretty rough flight. However, that was not the case. There was a little bit of turbulance, but I have experienced much worse turbulance even on much bigger planes. The only problem I had was the bad decompression in the aircraft, which made both my head and legs hurt quite a bit.

I would say that there can be turbulance, but the pilots are very prepared and skilful in handling that.
Oslo-Faroes and Faroes-Oslo flights in July were both pretty smooth... No problems at all!
Once I flew this flight in early January. I remember that the flight Reykjavík - Vágar was 1 hour longer than Vágar - Reykjavík, don't know why, may be because there was a better plane on the way back?

Anyway, at rather bad weather conditions there was nothing to be worried about. There was some nervous moment when we were landing in Reykjavík because of a very strong wind, but the weather was really awful. Other than that everything was absolutely fine.

When I was going to the Faroes from Iceland I had heard that the landing in Vágar allegedly was very "abrupt" because of the short runway, i.e. planes were told to lose height too drastically - probably it's what is "rough" about this flight. But when my plane was landing nothing of that kind happened. And the weather in January in those places is nowhere better than in November. So I hope you'll have a normal flight on this route like on other ones.
Nothing to be afraid of. I've been flying between Denmark and the Faroes at least 20 times and i do recall only 1 bad flight